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Commax CDV-70KM – color video intercom with handset for 4 cameras.
Screen Type: TFT matrix with LED backlight (LED-backlit), providing a clear and vivid picture, 7-inch (17.78 cm).
CDV-70KM lets you see on your monitor visitor rang the door panel, talk to him, open the electromechanical or electromagnetic lock by pressing the button on the monitor.
The monitor has two video inputs for connecting calling panels (Camera1 / Camera2) and 2 video inputs for connecting cameras (CCTV1 / CCTV2, the camera must be powered by an external power supply).
Right click on the video camera is carried out by continuing to press viewing images.
The duration of the display is switched on:
after manual switch button on the monitor: 30 ± 10 s.
after receiving a signal from the entry panel: 60 ± 10 s.
You can connect an additional handset DP-4VHP.
Parallel connection to the outside panel monitors, the maximum configuration: 2 monitors, two outside panel, 2 additional handsets.
The monitor has a card slot for SD, for each call visitors the opportunity to record a static frame or 60-second video.
Fixed image visitor when you call, and the date and time of visit.
Supports cards up to 16 GB.
The maximum number of still frames: 128 photos are recorded in the format JPG.
The maximum number of videos: 380 (4 GB card), 750 (8 GB card), 1500 (16 GB card), movies are recorded in MP4.
Recording is carried out only on the card SD, if the card is not inserted, the recording is not performed.
CDV-70KM can be connected to the access through the intercom interface blocks.
Works with color video intercom entry panels in PAL or NTSC (auto detection).
The distance from the monitor connection to the outside panel:
70 m with a cable cross section of 0.8 mm².
50 m with a cable cross section of 0.65 mm².
28 m with a cable cross section of 0.5 mm².
Power supply: 100-220 V, 50/60 Hz.
Temperature range: 0 to +40 ° C.
Dimensions (H * W * D): 168 * 311 * 49 mm.
Color: White.
Warranty: 1 year.

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